TVOD idents

TVOD was a pilot project exploring the possibility of creating a television channel for short films and moving image sequences often ignored by mainstream television. In 2002, before web 2.0 technology had arrived, TVOD was conceived as a haven for new and innovative filmmaking.

tvod_small1My concept was for a new type of channel where the viewer created the content. The deal was a straight swap – TVOD supplied the platform and the broadcast exposure in exchange for the rights to show the filmmakers content. The idea was also borne out of the perception that due to the distractions of everyday living we, as viewers, had developed short attention spans.

I was joined by a team of industry professionals and specialists who were passionate about the idea and were prepared to commit to the project in exchange for equity. And so we set about creating the channel.

Over the next 18 months the team developed and wrote a business plan, acquired an Ofcomtvod_small2 licence and produced a short pilot programme. TVOD also spoke to investors but by this time the Web 2.0 companies were just launching from the US and internet video sharing was born. So began the shift from television broadcast to streaming and progressive downloading of video content online that we take for granted now.

TVOD was dead. The rest is history….. Here are idents we used for the pilot.

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