The Wedding Present – California

I was contacted by David Gedge after replying to ad in NME for video directors to work on low-budget (£200, I remember) videos for a series of promos for the band. I was given the single California. The difficulty was producing a video with the band about a hot sunny climate when they were in the middle of a tour of the UK.

WeddingPresentWeb2smallI was offered Brighton as the only available place for us to film the band. So on a very cold February day in Brighton we filmed David Gedge on the beach and live with the band at their gig at The Zap Club. I changed the emphasis of the song to being David longing to be in California.

WeddingPresentWeb1smallNo amount of post-production was going to mask the fact that his lips were turning blue with the cold as it was obvious Brighton beach in February was not going to pass as Venice Beach! David was sent some super 8mm film from a fan in California so I incorporated this and footage of the band live at The Zap club in to the video…. Oh, and some clouds to cover a multitude of sins!

California was released as a single in June 1992. It was the the sixth single in a series of twelve 7″ singles released every month in 1992. Each single had a limited pressing of 10,000 copies and all reached the Top 30 in the U.K. chart. California reaching 16. The video for this song was included in the compilation video ‘Dick York’s Wardrobe’.