The Fall – Lucifer Over Lancashire video (edit)

This is a video I made for The Fall’s Beggars Banquet video compilation VHS8489. But at the time there weren’t enough videos of the band to make a compilation video. So I volunteered to make a couple of video sequences, which I made for nothing, to bump up the duration. Being a life long Fall fan I was more than pleased to help.

As a consequence I got to pick the track and chose Lucifer Over Lancashire, my favourite Fall b-side. There was no footage of the band available and no money to film them so I made it out of bits and pieces I’d collected over the years. I scanned some Lancashire witches icons and made some vortex graphics using footage I’d been given of a view from the front of a tube train for backgrounds. I then used some clips from an old programme about satanism in Lancashire for the foreground. (Clitheroe on the A666. Coincidence?)

As a Lancastrian the song is very evocative of my childhood where newspaper reports of séances and derelict houses with satanic messages daubed on the walls were a regular occurrence. The Pendle Witches and The Lancashire Witch Trials of 1612 were part of local history the formed part of the folklore I grew up with. To this day people still climb Pendle Hill on Halloween in memory of those events. Many after large quantities of alcohol and after the pubs close. Indeed, many of the pubs in the surrounding area stay closed on that evening due to previous violent disturbances.

vhs8489 big

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