Rescued: Snub TV titles – Series 3 1991

I recently rescued the Snub TV titles, which I’d worked on with the prolific graphic and record sleeve designer, Vaughan Oliver, from a ropey VHS tape found in the dark recesses of my attic. Back in the late 1980s, early 1990s I worked as a motion graphic designer for a company that provided digital compositing facilities; a much sought after service in the early days of digitally produced graphics. Consequentially, the company was very popular with print and album covers designers.

SnubGrab1One of the heavy users was Vaughan Oliver, who produced some of the most inspired, distinctive and striking album art of the period through his company V23. A large portion of album covers were commissioned by 4AD, one of UKs most exciting and experimental record companies. I was an admirer of his work and his creativity. I also enjoyed the music contained on the discs inside the covers he designed too, particularly music produced by bands such as Pixies and the Cocteau Twins.


Televisual – Feb 1991

Vaughan was asked by Snub if he would design the new titles for the third series. Up until this point all his work had been for print and he hadn’t produced any animation or made a titles sequence to date. My job was to introduce him to some animation techniques that would help him realise his designs. In reality, I did very little. After showing him the basics, he took it in his stride and his imagination took over.

SnubGrab2Working with Vaughan was real fun. He brought this big plastic bag containing some human hair that he wanted to use in the title sequence. After further enquiry, he revealed that the clumps of hair were from his girlfriend’s head. The hair appears half way through the title sequence first as a heart and second, in what could be construed, as an animating vulva.

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