Year Two Begins

It’s the start of the first semester of the 2010/11 academic year and this week I’ve started my lecturing duties which are part of most PhD students life.

On Monday’s I now take two seminars for the The Network Society and the Media module. This Monday lecture provided a background to the subject with an introduction to Manuel Castells and the transition from industrial to network society. The students are second years and surprisingly quiet but become more opinionated by the end of the session.

On Thursday I started a my sessional lecturing at the newly located Ravensbourne College. Originally getting to the college was a train journey from London Bridge to Kent but now they’ve re-located to a new high-tech building (left and above) at Greenwich Peninsular next to the Dome. It’s a strikingly designed building by the architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo. The building is clad with a tesselating design of tiles developed from a pattern by mathematician Michael Hirschorn. Read more about the building and college here.

However, the college is still not open to the students and so I end up taking the lecture in, the very US sounding, ‘Soccer Dome’ next door (formerly the David Beckham Academy). ┬áIt’s a bizarre linking of arty media students with empty kit rooms, celebratory framed and signed football shirts and indoor football pitches.

The main purpose of my lecture was to give the students a full introduction to the principals of the web and introduce them to online tools for self-publishing their work. I got them all to register and customise their own Posterous website and to upload photos and videos. At lunch time I asked those with smart phones to record some footage of the new building and upload from their phone. This was well received and acted as a fun but also instructive introduction to their multi-media module.

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