The Answer is Android

I’ve just got back from a weeks break in Tallinn, Estonia. This was welcome after the mentally and physically gruelling Summer School. It was a very good holiday with a day trip via ferry to Helsinki (left) along the way.

Estonia is a very digitally connected country and there was free internet in the hotel. This meant I could keep in touch with everything and everyone while I was away.

After much deliberation and research between the iPhone or Android (as mentioned earlier in this diary) I decided to go for the Android. I’d managed to get a very good deal on a new HTC Desire Android phone through T-mobile before I went and was on the last day of my trip was informed that it was ready for delivery.

Yesterday I received the wonderful HTC Desire and today I’ve got around to playing with it. It’s great to use and easily as functional as the iPhone but much less costly.

The thing I like too is the Android operating system. Firstly being part of the Google stable of products it syncs up easily to the my Google account meaning that contacts, calendar and Gmail all update to my phone and back to my Mac. Secondly the open source nature of Android means there is a flourishing community of developers building applications for the Android Market. It’s not going to be long before the apps available for android will overtake and surpass Apple’s as it is more inclusive. There is a new update, 2.2 froyo, out soon which speeds up the functionality too.

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