Multi-tasking and Testing My Phone at The Coronet

I’ve been very much multi-tasking this week. Earlier on this term I agreed to be seminar tutor for UoW’s Network Society and the Media module which is every Monday morning. It’s been a great experience. The first hour I listen to really knowledgeable and experienced speakers deliver lecturers to about 200 students. Then I take two 1 hour seminar groups and discuss the subjects in more depth. This week’s lecture was on Campaigning and Digital Activism. The difficult part comes in a couple of weeks when they hand in their first assignment and I have to mark and give feedback on 55 essays of 2000 words.

I’m still doing some teaching at Ravensbourne College. The college has moved to a new building next to the Millennium Dome and is experiencing the inevitable teething problems. On Tuesday I give some Flash and WordPress training on the BA Multiplatform & Video for the Web course. Some of the rooms still don’t have internet connections which makes teaching difficult as database driven websites like WordPress need one to be accessed.

On Wednesday I visited a friend who works at TNS Research International, a commercial research and marketing company. I wanted some advice and an understanding of how commercial companies conduct research to see the similarities and differences in sourcing and collecting data from participants.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for my imminent symposium presentation next Friday so by Friday I felt I deserved a night out. A friend had bought tickets months back to see Four Tet, Caribou, James Holden,  Nathan Fake, Rocketnumbernine at The Coronet in Elephant and Castle and the event was now totally sold out. I love all the electronic artists on the bill and it is rare to see a such a strong line-up all in one night. I’d never seen Caribou or Four Tet live before so this was a great opportunity.

This was also a good opportunity to give my new HTC Desire a thorough work-out to see what it could cope with from a social networking, photo and video uploading, sound recording perspective. Luckily the venue had a good phone signal and during Nathan Fake’s set I was able to post a photo to my Facebook account. More or less immediately my friend, Dene, posted a rely saying “get closer mate!”. This was a rather revelatory moment.

So I then tried recording some sound and uploading that to my ipadio account and then some sound recording and video of Caribou to my posterous account. The phone sent all the files successfully. The sound was was very distorted but it was loud in there. This activity left my phone very warm to the touch and considerably depleted the battery. I had just enough power to take and upload some photos of Four Tet’s fabulous set (above).

My HTC Desire passed all the tests with ease. The only minor issues were the battery power life and the audio recording quality. What a great way to end a varied week. A very enjoyable night was had by all and I arrived home at a nostalgic 5am via the night bus.

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