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Teaching WordPress at Ravensbourne

I’ve been using WordPress since my MA in 2007. It had nothing to do with my studies apart from the fact that it was open-source software and a subject I was covering in one of the modules. I was intrigued to know more about it. I’ve since built and worked on about 10 sites and used it as part of the case study for the Social Media book chapter I’ve just completed. Indeed this diary uses WordPress. It’s so customisable and can be used, amongst other things, to collaborate online and as a content management system. It’s a good example of a data mashup in that it takes data from many different sources and integrates it one site.

It is now being used widely at Ravensbourne College as a way of getting content creation students quickly up and running and using a website to collaborate and create content as a team. This gives them the opportunity to get going, creating content without the need to spend weeks designing and coding a website. Over the last three days I’ve been teaching first year students how to use it. But first I gave them two lectures. The first was an introduction to the Internet and Web and the definitions and practices of Web 2.0. It’s surprising how many don’t know the difference between the Internet and the Web. The second (below) is intended as a bit of background before using WordPress. It describes open-source software and gives examples and definitions.

I spent three days with them and generally there was a very positive response to the use of it.


Over the last few days I’ve been lecturing on a BA Content Creation course where I’m contributing to the students initiation of WordPress and their ability to create a ‘mashable’ website. This will encourage collaboration and creativity. It’s a fairly ambitious project for a HE institution. Firstly, IT security issues need to be cleared to use their server. Secondly, this is a group assessed project that will be created using a database to store the students project and so relies on the data being safe and secure. The final submission will also be submitted online via a personal URL. Currently the students’ digital projects are submitted on a CD or DVD, but this not possible with a database project like mine.

Anyway, finished early today, so went in search of Henry Jenkins book, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, in a couple of big book shops but to no avail. On order, in soon. I’ll probably buy it online as I’ll get it delivered free in a couple of days. This shows Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail working perfectly.

Spent the early evening reading a couple of chapters of Jon Zittrain’s Future of the Internet over a couple of pints in a local hostelry.