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Autumn Symposium

Twice a year four London Universities with programmes in Media put forward PhD students in their second and third year to present their papers at symposium hosted by Westminster. I thought it was fairly essential to attend as we first years do ours in March. What a better way to prepare than watch others do theirs.

Firstly, I was struck at how unfamiliar most people were with using PowerPoint and many did not plan the changing of sides to match to amount of time available. With everyone having 15 minutes to present surely the best way is to be concise. There was also a very wide variation in presentation approaches from the conference style to the reading from a script type. This made meant that there were many who made their presentations quite difficult to understand. One of the problems facing PhD students is that being so deeply engrossed in their subject means that they sometimes can’t find the best ways to express this verbally. Anyway let’s hope I don’t live to regret these remarks when I do mine.

In the early morning presentations I flip from one session to another and listen to three presentations. By far the best is entitled “The political battle for online content in the European Union”. This was clearly presented and covers, amongst other issues, the initiatives in Europe to stop illegal piracy and retain intellectual property. There presentations I found interesting concerned British Community Radio and Geotagging.

Following this I met with my supervisors to discuss my impending Application to Register, which includes my Plan of Work. This is a document that concisely summarises my research subject. As I’d already developed this considerably during my application process and submission for my AHRC award this has just been a matter of elaboration.