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Greg Dyke at the London Television Society

Greg Dyke’s view of broadcasting and the media has always been of interest to me. I have been one of his humble employees twice now, at TVam and Pearson Television. In both these jobs I have held him in high regard. So it was with curiosity that I went to this talk. Although most of my attention has moved from broadcasting to digital media I still take an interest in the effect the web is having on this traditional media.

Dyke is a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker with views from every corner of the broadcasting world. He spoke poignantly about the bad management decisions at ITV, which has led to it becoming a ‘poison chalice’ but believes Archie Norman, the in-coming Chairman, is a good appointment. On this point I’m not sure I agree. He later considers himself too old and set-in-his-ways to take on the challenges that TV channels face today with the use and greater reliance on cross-platform technology, convergence and the increased competition for advertising from the web. Surely these are exactly the problems that Norman, from a traditional business background, will face in the future.

We must not forget Dyke’s legacy too. He put in place a strategy for the development of the iPlayer, while Director General at the BBC, and introduced the world of free-to-air digital broadcasting to the UK through the launch of Freeview. In his talk he gave some great anecdotal┬ástories surrounding these subjects proving he will be remembered for his contribution to some of the most important historical moments in UK media history. But probably not Roland Rat!