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Summer School in Slovenia

It’s now very near to the end of the second semester and so I’ve applied for and been accepted at the 2010 ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School. This year it’s taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 15 – 27 August.

There is a lot of preparation and writing needed before I go. I’m expected to prepare a 3,000 word paper on my PhD project with questions or problems that I would like to be discussed during the workshops by June 14th. When I get there I’ll give presentations of my PhD and take feedback, advice and criticism.

As well as this everyone attending the Summer School is expected to choose up to 3 papers they would be interested in being a respondent. We’re also expected to actively participate in the discussions of our own and other people’s work and act as a respondent of someone else’s paper. This means everyone will have to read other participants papers before the summer school.

So there is much to do before I get there. It’s a full 12 day programme which sounds stimulating and also labour intensive but I’m looking forward to it.