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Proceed to Registration, Greens and 1977

It’s been a really good weekend. On Friday I got assessment back from my Application to Register which I’d submitted at the end of January. It recommended that my proposal be approved and that I should proceed to registration. There were three points that the Media, Arts and Design Registration Committee suggested needed clarification but these could be done as part of my continuing study.

Earlier that morning I visited the Green Party Spring Conference which has been held just up the road from where I live. I’ve been a member since the late 1980s but had only been to one conference before which was in Scarbourgh in the late 1990s. So with it being on my door step I was looking forward to going again.

At 10am Caroline Lucas (left), the party leader and MEP gave her keynote speech where she spoke of the  ‘historic’ potential for Green MPs to win seats in Brighton, Norwich and Lewisham at the forthcoming General Election. She also said that the Greens were the best party to defend the NHS against privatisation and  take action on inequality. I took lots of photos and posted them on the Barnet Green Party website.

Over the weekend I went to some of the workshops and panels discussions and was pleased at a sense of genuine passion and pride in their values of equality and for environmental sustainability. There was no heavy-handed security and no bureaucratic checking of badges and membership cards. There’s still the traditional beard and ponytail brigade but they sit comfortably with the casually dressed and suited majority. One of the best discussions was on Saturday afternoon where Kate Pickett, co-author of The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better & Johann Hari, journalist and writer, discussed their research.

Saturday was rounded off with comedy night with star of the show Alistair McGowan who is a committed environmentalist having bought land near Heathrow to hamper attempts to build a third runway. He waived his appearance fee as a mark of support.

On Friday night I was invited by a friend to a private view entitled We Love 77 at The Merchants’s Hall in Islington. It contained an exhibition of 77 paintings by artist duo Sardine & Tobleroni all specially priced £1977 for the night before going to over two grand thereafter. I have to say that the paintings were very poor. Most of them were just bad copies of album sleeves from the period. They were either really bad artists or taking the DIY ethos beyond any level of competence or irony. It was really no better than GCSE Art standard. The night was fun though livened up by a dubby dj set from Don Letts and Poly Styrene promoting an X Ray Spex film. Unfortunately the bar was not free. To round off a thoroughly enjoyable weekend Rovers beat Bolton 3.0.