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Transcription time!

So we’re well into 2012 and I’ve been busy transcribing my interviews since before Christmas along with arranging the last phase of interview participants. Transcribing is a slow and laborious process. I’ve tried plenty of transcription software which managed to recognise words in the recordings (although often not the correct ones) but the real problem was that the words didn’t make any sense when put in sentences! Pretty useless really. It’s what you’d imagine using William Burroughs book writing software would look like. I could use a commercial transcription service to produce them for me but, apart for the fact that it costs money, I don’t think this is a good way of getting a rich understanding of the text. If you transcribe the interviews yourself it enables a greater understand of the themes that are developing within the data. It’s very time-consuming but necessary… I think.

On Monday I conducted an interview Peter Oakley who is well known for his YouTube channel geriatric 1927. He’s been broadcasting his thoughts through self-recorded online videos since 2006 and he regularly gets over 1600 hits for every video he posts. Pretty impressive. He’s a warm, easy-going and very approachable man who’s in the 9th decade of his life and still extremely alert and on the ball. It was a pleasure and a privilege to interview him. He gave me permission to mention him on this blog and to embed one of his videos.

After the interview we compared notes on our experiences of Art Foundation courses and going to Art College in different times and at different ages. Like Peter, my Art Foundation course was one of the most enjoyable and creative periods of my life. Anyway, here is Peter describing his thoughts and the experiences of his art education in one of his videos.


Over the last few days I’ve been lecturing on a BA Content Creation course where I’m contributing to the students initiation of WordPress and their ability to create a ‘mashable’ website. This will encourage collaboration and creativity. It’s a fairly ambitious project for a HE institution. Firstly, IT security issues need to be cleared to use their server. Secondly, this is a group assessed project that will be created using a database to store the students project and so relies on the data being safe and secure. The final submission will also be submitted online via a personal URL. Currently the students’ digital projects are submitted on a CD or DVD, but this not possible with a database project like mine.

Anyway, finished early today, so went in search of Henry Jenkins book, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, in a couple of big book shops but to no avail. On order, in soon. I’ll probably buy it online as I’ll get it delivered free in a couple of days. This shows Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail working perfectly.

Spent the early evening reading a couple of chapters of Jon Zittrain’s Future of the Internet over a couple of pints in a local hostelry.