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Tim Riley’s PhD Diary moves

When I decided to write regular diary entries for this blog in September 2009 I was unsure how it would evolve. Initially I thought I might keep it anonymous and that the design would be very minimal without any links to my other sites and pages. With this in mind I purchased a very reasonably priced hosting deal and the url myphddiary.co.uk.

Here I am, two years later, with my anonymity purposely exposed and all manner of links and plugins that link to my other web activities. My two year deal with the hosting company is up and I’m being asked by them to renew. However, when the pricing came through I baulked at the price. It had been hiked up dramatically. These companies know that when they’ve got you signed up and with lots of your data stored with them it’s difficult and time consuming for most people to leave. This is where the software I use for this diary comes in handy. WordPress has a very useful export feature that enables a file to be downloaded to your desktop and installed on another site. So I thought “why pay for two hosting companies when I already have one”.  I’ve still got plenty of bandwidth and a database that can support both sites. It was a fairly easy installation that puts picture and link into every blog. It’s exactly them same as it was before except for the url.

So, as you can see, the new home of Tim Riley’s PhD Diary has now been integrated into my website with the suffix /phddiary. Here it will stay until I’ve finished my studies. Then who knows what will become of it!