Symposium rehearsal

Over the last week I’ve been trying to organise my presentation for the Symposium on Friday. University of Westminster host this event twice a year, which includes students from Goldsmiths, LSE and City University. It’s an opportunity for first year students to hone their presentation skills and outline their research.

The majority of students, including myself it must be said, plan to use PowerPoint to present which I believe to be a very bland software presentation program. It’s got lots of awful pre-installed transition effects. Any program, in my view,┬áthat defaults to Times New Roman font shows a lack of style and sophistication. I’m going to have to see If I can come up with something different over the next couple of years.

In the last few days I’ve had meetings with both my supervisors individually to discuss my strategy and give them an outline of my content. Yesterday I gave a rehearsal in front of the other Westminster students. I was surprisingly calm and it was well received. There is a recurring question though. How will I define creativity? I think this may take along time to resolve.

The other presentations were good although a couple were oblivious to their timings and were nowhere near finished by their the 15 minute were up.

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