Supervisor Shuffle

My second supervisor is leaving after Christmas so my third has kindly stepped up to take her place. I met all three at Harrow campus on Wednesday to have a general discussion and get her up to speed with my research project. Fatimah is an very able replacement. Her knowledge of empirical research will prove invaluable to me over the next two years. She already put forward some useful suggestions which are all based on her personal experience of similar research. Sometimes having a fresh perspective on a project can bring new light and life to a subject.

I have just marked 55 essays for the BA Network and Society module. Each one has taken at least half-an-hour to read, mark and write comments but some can take longer when the essay is poor. They needed to be finished by the end of this week so we could have a second marking session with the other seminar tutors. This entailed double marking 10% of essays to make sure all the tutors gave consistent marks. Marking assignments is a very time consuming business and this has taken a lot of time over the last couple of weeks. I’m glad it’s over.

Weekend was rounded of with a trip to see the comedian Steward Lee at the Leicester Square theatre. He very much lived up to expectations. He’s a big fan of The Fall like myself. I asked him afterwards if he’d be able to see them at the Electric Ballroom a couple of weeks ago. He hadn’t because of his shows.  I said I’d seen him at Fall gigs in the past and sent him some photos via his manager so he gave me a signed copy of his book, How I Escaped My Certain Fate, (left) which they were selling in the foyer. Top bloke.

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