Summer School Days 9 & 10

Everyone is getting very tired now and the energy levels are depleting by the early afternoon. The last two days have been mainly concerned with getting the final student presentations finished and feedback given. Attendance at these has been very high surprisingly. However, the afternoon workshops, How to Teach Using Blogging by Fausto Colombo and Theory Matters by Beybin Kejanlioglu have had a low turn out due to tiredness and, probably, information overload.

Last night we arranged an unofficial farewell party in the halls of residence ahead of the official farewell meal in restaurant in the city. It had previously rained yesterday after a long hot sticky few days but the heat was back and the evening was warm. There was a stage and dace floor on the main hall and Bart Cammaerts, who’s had plenty of professional DJing experience, supplied  the music. I think there was an expectation by most of the group that he was going to play lots of well know chart music. It was a bit of surprise to them when he started with some rather kitch French instrumental music followed by some house and techno. To me this was a delight. So often do these events end up with music sounding like it’s from a wedding, trying to please everyone. Bart did a stirling job. He even played some Jah Wobble and Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus.

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