Summer School Day 3

The morning session was taken up with Student Workshops. Today’s lecturer respondent and afternoon lecturer is Andreas Hepp (left in picture) and with the moderator Nico (right). The sessions are rigidly  monitored for timings. Many of the early presentations are too long and are therefore truncated. This is a little frustrating from an observers point of view but necessary with issues of fairness and keeping to schedule. No amount of pleading from the presenter will get Nico to give them more time. All the sessions are being recorded for uploading to the web and revisiting later. My presentation is first thing tomorrow so I’m going to get an early night tonight in preparation.

The afternoon session begins with Andreas’ lecture on the Mediatized worlds and media research: Non-mediacentric media studies as a challenge and followed by Kees Brants workshop on the Potentials and Pitfalls of Comparative Research.

There is an evening Roundtable session too on the Future of Communication Studies with Denis McQuail and Hanno Hardt. Its already been a long day and most of us are fairly tired. The mood of the panel is sombre and delivery is muted however Denis McQuail always has something worthwhile to say. This can not said of  Hanno Hardt who grows increasingly negative about the future of communication studies and seems intent on harking back to what he perceived as better times. His very long winded and dismal outlook added a wave of despondency through an already weary and frustrated audience. At this point, as though by telepathy, Kees shouted out that he thought he was wrong and that he should buck his ideas up which prompted a low level argument between the two. This was an event that was desperately needed and brought a bit of life to an otherwise rather dull session. I wish it’d happened half-an-hour earlier.

Had a chinese meal and one beer in a local restaurant and then went back and completed the final preparation for my presentation in the morning.

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