Summer School Day 12 – Going home

It’s finally and officially ‘going home’ time. My flights not until late so a few of us decide to go to the Moderna Galerija, the modern art gallery of Ljubljana, to add a bit of culture to our trip. Outside the entrance is a heap of rubbish which has been dumped and left to rot (left). It made me smile. Now I’m fairly sure this is just junk but on the other hand it could be one of the exhibits! A hybrid Tracey Emin anyone? Anyway the gallery was very enjoyable with some great exhibits within.

I also spend much of the day discussing House and Techno music with Bart who has a similar encyclopaedic knowledge of these genres as I do. The flight was uneventful bar my annoyance at the duty free prices which were more expensive than the UK. As a result no one was buying them so they tried to offer tickets with secret discounts on them. Just put the prices down and people will buy them again.

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