Submitting my Application to Transfer

Today I handed in my Application to Transfer document two days before the deadline and it’s quite a relief. It’s 132 pages long and well in excess of 32,000 words. I’ve spend large parts of the summer writing and it. The main body of the transfer document is the literature review (about 23,000 words) and the methodology chapter (about 7,000). But, of course, it’s not just about the amount of words – it helps if they are in the right order and make sense!

It’s now a month until the panel interview. I can now get back to finishing the interviews. I met Adrian Arthur from the British Library at the OxIS 2011 Survey launch on Monday and he has been very helpful in giving me links to the over 65 age group. I’ve also started to line up a few more interviews. It’s becoming a bit like spinning plates on top of sticks, as one job is attended to another two or three need attention.