Royal Festival Hall x2

It’s the week before Christmas and there’s been heavy snow fall in the later part of this week. As a result travel has been disrupted around the UK including the London area. However, I’ve still managed two trips to the Royal Festival Hall both of which are for completely different reasons.

Firstly I’m meeting David Gauntlett and a crowd from UoW to discuss the forthcoming Transforming Audiences Conference 3 in early September 2011. I’m part of the organising team along with a number of other PhD students. The main discussion at this initial stage was about wording of the conference literature and website plus the confirmation the keynote speakers. There was a loud orchestra playing Christmas carols in the background which added a bit of festive spirit. The  RFH is a great place to be at this time of year.

My second outing to the Royal Festival Hall happened last night when I went to see Ray Davies and the Crouch End Festival Chorus. Again this was a very festive affair. Ray Davies is a national treasure.

I’m please there’s now a couple of weeks during the winter break where I can concentrate on updating my literature review now without interruption.

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