Recruiting Participants for Research part 1

The winter break is over and 2011 is here. I’m now eager to start getting participants for my research. It’s a very important stage which is key to how my research progresses and is completed. I’ve already identified organisations I am going to contact in an attempt find appropriate participants.

I’m looking to recruit 15 to 20 web users in three age groups: 18 – 28, 40 – 50 and 65 – 75. All of the participants must already be engaged in the practice of creating and sharing content and not be in the process of learning. Obviously creating content could be considered anything from type a message to edited video but I’m defining content creation, in the context of this project, as an arrangement of visual and/or audio material that requires some element of composition or editing.

Earlier this week I went to give a short talk about my project to a U3A Science and technology group in Hillingdon. I’m hoping that I may be able recruit participants for the 65 – 75 age range from here. The U3A – The University Of The Third Age is a “self-help organisation for people no longer in full-time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities”. The visit  went well with a very attentive, inquisitive and curious crowd. There were certainly a few members who could participate.

I’ve emailed a document of the project out to members of this group and they have forwarded it to other people in other groups. I now have meeting with the digital photography group on Monday.

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