Re-starting the interviews 13 – 15

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to an artist, Adam Justice-Mills, at an open-day in East Finchley. He told me about a project he was organising involving two Artists’ Open House Weekends in the first two weeks of July. This consisted of 50 artists from around the area opening up their houses so the public can view their art. This saves on renting space and gives the viewer the chance to see the art in a natural environment.

On Saturday I intended on visiting five houses but stayed at the first due to the willingness of two artists to let me interview them about how they use the web to create and share content. On the Sunday I managed to walk to five venues and arranged an interview for the following day.

What are really excellent idea this is. It’s community based and just a really relaxing and enjoyable activity for a summer’s weekend.

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