Postgraduate Research Seminar #1

In the first semester we were very much left to our own devices to read and write our plan of work. This term were getting deeper into the mechanics of what post graduate research is all about. This includes writing skills, types of research methods, how to present and publish our thesis. It’s good to see there’s a few mavericks in the group. It always livens up sessions like these. I’ve been very impressed with the University’s organisation and quality of seminars and talks. I can see why they have such good reputation for media research.

These sessions are held in the evening from 5pm to 8pm in a room where the lights are automated to go off if no movement is detected. They seem to go off regularly. The default must be set to ‘gym’ as they only seen to come on again after wildly waving our hands.

Anyway, today’s lecture is an overview of the coming weeks contents and what constitutes ‘original’ work and how to develop the relationship with our supervisor. Over the next few weeks we’re going to develop our writing skills by producing a literature review/theoretical chapter, learn some ethnography software and develop our presentation skills as well as learn about values and ethics in research.

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