November Symposium

Monday saw Charles Brown deliver a well researched and constructed lecture titled Platforms, Convergence & Transmedia Content on the Network Society and the media module. It outlined the current issues concerning media industries, the constantly changing technological landscape along with the desire for large media companies to acquire content.

Friday I gave my symposium presentation at UoW Marylebone campus. This was the second symposium I’d presented therefore I wanted to show that I’d progressed considerably since last March. I’d spent quite while developing my 15 minute talk over the last week. However on arriving in the room was told that all the presentations would have to cut to 10 minutes. This severely diminished the flow, message and understanding of my proposal and although I managed to skip parts without to much confusion it was far from ideal. The full presentation is viewable below.

The feedback was pretty good but I was not happy at having to lose a third content. That’s ¬†life, I suppose and I’ll need to get used to this happening.

Mustn’t forget to mention that I had my regular fix of The Fall, my favourite band, at the Electric Ballroom in Camden on Tuesday. What a wonderful and frightening racket!

Here’s my symposium presentation.


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