Interviews 1 to 4

I finally started the interviews for my empirical research this week. It’s an interesting process which throws up lots of ideas and thoughts about what the data will reveal over the next few months. So far I’ve conducted three interviews in the 40 to 50 age group and one in the 18 to 28. They have all been male so far.

I’ve realised that as I progress with the interviews the process of finding the right participants will get more difficult as I’ll┬ábe more aware of getting a balanced sample. At the moment I seem to be getting university graduates and will need more┬ádiversity if I’m to keep the sample credible.

As for the interviews, I think my questions have a good flow and I’ve managed to stay quiet and give the interviewee time say exactly what is on their mind. I’m recording the interview on a digital voice recorder and all the recordings have been in very quiet environments. I was hoping that I could use the voice recognition feature of Adobe Soundbooth to transcribe the recordings as I tested it with a voice from a podcast. It returned about a 90% accurate transcription rate. However, when I inputed the interview recordings into the program the result was terrible, about 20% accurate. It read like an abstract poem using the cut-up technique. A kind of do-it-yourself William Burroughs. So it looks like I’ll be transcribing by hand.

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