I got a message from the Summer School to say that the recordings from our presentations were ready to download late last week. These were recordings of all the comments about our PhD proposals from fellow students and lecturers . I spent a couple of typing sessions transcribing the comments and then editing them down. This was an illuminating exercise as much of the minutia of the comments I’d forgotten or missed during the hour long feedback session. The comments ranged from discussions surrounding my methodology, structure and theory to more specific points about how I will define creativity and the use of generational theory in my research.

I’ve now got comments and feedback from three sources; ECREA lecturers about my research project and both my supervisors on my literature review. By way of consolidation and at the start of my second year I want to review these and then make changes ahead of developing and planning my empirical research.

I had a meeting yesterday with my supervisors to consolidate all these views. We defined a set of actions that I needed to pursue in order for me to progress to the empirical research. I’ve now got a very busy time ahead of me.

On Wednesday I also met with my third supervisor who gave me lots of advice about the how to conduct my empirical research followed by a symposium at London Metropolitan University, my previous university, on International News and Journalism in the 21st Century. The general opinion from the many students in the audience was that the panel were painting a very pessimistic view of the future of journalism. Their view was also very negative towards the value of digital and social media. In fact citizen journalism was not mentioned by any of the speakers which I thought very strange.

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