Argumentation and Analysis

In the next few weeks were going to have write our literature review which will be the first piece of writing for, what will become, part of our thesis. We’ll updated the literature review¬†constantly during the three years as more research is conducted and more literature is consumed and published.

This Wednesday’s class covered the area of Argumentation and Analysis¬†in depth which turns out to be the most informative and interesting of the lectures so far. Much of the content concentrated on relationship between ideas and practice and how to flow from argument through a premise to a conclusion.

My graphic design career taught me that information is made easier and clearer to understand when organised and displayed visually using a graphic device. Here we are introduced to Mapping: the geography of research & argumentation. We’re shown three types of maps for different uses; tree, content and concept all with different functions. It is also stressed upon us the importance of mapping and remapping in analysis & planning our argument.

In March we are expected to make a 15 minute presentation of our research project at the symposium. I preparation for this we’re going to spent the next three week sessions discussing and rehearsing in front of the group. Better start to get my powerpoint ready.

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