A New Decade

It’s been snowing heavily again. I’ve been writing most days over the winter break and have now completed 6,000 words with another 2000 to go. It’s been very intensive and parts have been enjoyable but I’m getting a bit weary of it now. It’s standing me in good stead as I’m going to have to get used to lots of writing over the coming years. My background has been in the design world where everything is more visual than textual. But over the last few years I’ve been writing more and more. My first foray into writing again came when I completed a PGCE followed by my MA both of which required large amounts of essay writing. This certainly got me in the swing again and I’m learning slowly to touch type.

I’m out tonight to see the comedian, Kim Noble, who uses multi-media in his act. He’s is said to be quite outrageous. The Guardian describes the show as being a “either a dark masterpiece that yields coruscating insights into the depressive mind (Noble has a history of mental illness), or it’s a wallow in squalor and self-pity, the staging of which marks its sensation-seeking nadir. Maybe it’s both. It’s certainly unforgettable.” Mmmm should be interesting.

During the research I found this video of Clay Shirky on YouTube. His book Here Comes Everybody gives an enlightened view of the world of sharing and participation. I’m finding his views more and more engaging with every read.

[youtube A_0FgRKsqqU 460 280]

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