A Little Background

And you may ask yourself… how did I get here? Well, this PhD study has been a couple of years in development. Last September I finished an MA in Digital Media and previous to this a PGCE, but I decided I needed more time to work out what I really wanted to do. I’d previously been working in the television industry for many years and found the rather vacuous and rigidly structured environment too restrictive for my future development. The egos and empire building had become tiresome.

After my MA I wanted time to re-discover areas that I hadn’t had time to explore with constant submission deadlines nipping at my heels. I took a mortgage holiday to take the financial pressure off. While considering my next move I earned some money lecturing but also spent part of the year on Jobs Seekers Allowance. It’s a risky strategy.

During this time taking a PhD really interested me. I’d already found an area of media that aroused my curiosity, along with a deeply held interested in the media. I was encouraged to go forward and apply by my university tutor. The application and funding process was long and drawn out. I applied for a grant with the AHRC,was offered a place on the PhD and gained funding for three years.

My journey starts here.

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