From 1982 to 2005 I worked in the creative industries. I managed creative teams in design agencies, creative services departments and television. During this time I’ve worked with a variety of high-level corporate, broadcasting and music industry clients and acquired a wide-range of skills and experience that includes the conceptualisation and production of promotional and branding campaigns, graphic and moving image design across different media platforms. 

This was a period of great transition from analogue to digital technology and from onsite production to a move towards offsite networked production.

Motion Graphics and Moving Image Design
During the early 1990s I ran my own company called Frantic TV, where I initiated projects that demanded the conception, storyboarding, design and budgeting of titles sequences, television promos and corporate projects. My clients included: Channel 4, Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, BBC Documentaries, Bravo and Paramount Channel plus successful pitches for, and direction of, pop promos for RCA/BMG and Polygram.This section contains a selection of moving image sequences and projects produced for television and used diverse range of disciplines are covered that include:

• graphic design and typography
• animation techniques: 2D and 3D, stop frame and rotoscoping
• title sequences, Idents and promotions
• production and direction of live action

Sadly, many of the sequences are lost, irretrievable or on defunct formats.

Pop Promos
I designed and directed and produced all my pop promos. They were economically produced through my company Frantic TV during the 1990s (except my student video).

The contents of this section started long before the advent of digital photography. They contain abstract images and an archive of panoramics and montages of London and places in the UK, Europe and New York.

Music Mixes
My music mixes are all house and no trousers! They are available to listen to online and are regularly updated.