Layo & Bushwacka and Gui Boratto @ The End (My Last Night at “The End”)

Category : Electronica, Minimal House, Politics

the_endThis is a post I wrote way back in August 2008 on a previous blog. I didn’t realise it would be my last night there…..

Ever had one of those nights out clubbing where everything just turns out to be just perfect? Saturday night was one for me. When I noticed a double bill of Layo & Bushwacka and Gui Boratto at The End. I couldn’t resist revisiting a club I’d not been to in ten years.

One of the many highlights of L&B set was their mesmerising new release “Now is the Time” which includes a ‘rap’ from the late Martin Luther King. Intentionally or not it resonates with the 1968 retrospective, being the year of Dr King’s assassination, and the nostalgia that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. There is also a sense that the similarities of the 68’s politics of the Vietnam War and the Black Civil Rights movement relate to today’s war in Iraq and the potential first black president of the United States in Barack Obama. Politics aside their set was pulsating and either way “Now is the Time” it is set to be a classic.

At 2.30am Gui Boratto appears resplendent in a Brazil scarf and the first hour of his set is taken up with his blend of South American beats and minimal techno. It appears he’s getting a little help from Layo Paskin on the digital “decks”. The words Gui Boratto “live” on the flyer means “appearing live” not “twiddling knobs live” – presumably. I leave the club at 5.30am happy, with sore feet and the night bus home.