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radiohead1With the relentless proliferation of digital technology its good to see art, science and technology converging to push the boundaries of creativity.

It’s no great surprise that Radiohead, familiar to breaking boundaries and tradition, would be there at the forefront of pop promo production. They recently commissioning a video that uses “No lights, no cameras – just a scanner on a dolly” for their song ‘House of Cards’. The video is created using 64 rotating lasers and shoots in a 360 degree radius at 900 times per minute. Puts a different spin on lights, camera, action….. Cue scanner, cue rotating lasers!

Director James Frost makes a bold observation stating that “In a weird way it’s a direct reflection on our society in that everything around us is data… driven… Our lives are digital.” See the video below.

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Watch the making of the video here

or have a play with the interactive head here

Meanwhile in the world of art this intriguing “Design and the Elastic Mind” website at Museum of Modern Art in New York has lots of inspiring ideas using tagging to display content. It’s a refined use of Adobe Flex Builder2 and Flash CS3.

The site covers diverse art developments into nanostructures, biological systems, topography, and cosmology where artists, scientists and programmers work in close proximity.

Julius Popp‘s bit.fall is one such example. This project unleashes a stream of randomly selected text from the internet in the form of a technologically sophisticated waterfall. Bit.fall uses 128 computer controlled nozzles to create words out of water droplets. Popp’s work is acknowledged not only by the art world but also in the field of scientific research.

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I hope Julius got that thing patented – everyone’s at it now. Look at this site.

But staying with water gadgets – check Charlie Bucket’s textile design prototype out. Should be an interesting garment eventually. Safe to say I won’t be wearing it.

Hey, the Elastic Mind site is really cool, check it out. Same goes for the interactive House of Cards video.

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