Minilogue: Hitchhiker’s Choice – Advertisers’ Choice

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minilogue-animalsMinilogue reside in Malmo. They have brought a freshness and vitality to electronica and have made a large contributed to the rise in popularity of minimal house. Another notable is The Field aka Axel Willner.

Below is the beautifully animated video that accompanies the equally great Minilogue tune “Hitchhiker’s Choice”. The stop-frame animation was created using a whiteboard and non-permanent pen by Kristofer Strom.

The video has had a high level of viewing on video-sharing sites and we know what happens when this new phenomena reaches critical mass….. In walk the those lovely advertising people to use it to sell us some product or other. Strom made a commercial for Carphone Warehouse which is shown here beneath the original. I hope he got paid well for it as the original must have been a labour of love. They’ve even kept the Minilogues’s original tune too.

Original Minilogue video

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The new Carphone Warehouse Ad “A Brief History of Communication”

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