Tim Riley

Hello. I’m Tim Riley. I’m is an inquisitive kind of person and like to keep in touch with what’s new, what works, and where the media world is heading.

I’m currently senior lecturer of Branding and Digital Media at Middlesex University. I worked for over 23 years as a graphic and moving image designer in broadcast and the creative industries. To see an archive of the work I produced during this time visit the motion graphics and pop promos pages on this site or see some of the press and publicity.

Since then I’ve gained an extensive knowledge of social media, content creation and online sharing through research for my PhD from University of Westminster. I’ve also become an specialist in digital media complemented by an MA from London Metropolitan University.

This site is a repository of ideas and work from my career as a creative practitioner, a higher education professional and from personal academic study. It’s also covers some areas within the fields of music, photography art, and research that I’m currently working on.

I was awarded a PhD from University of Westminster in September 2014. My research concerns how adults create and share content through social media and was funded with an award from the Art and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

In 2008 I completed an M.A. in Digital Media where I explored the use of online creative repositories and new mediums of distribution, accessibility and interactivity on the Internet. Previous to this I worked as a senior motion graphics graphic designer, director and manager in broadcast television and media organisations for over 24 years. These include BBC Documentaries, Channel Four, MTV, VH1, Vertigo Magazine, Ascent Media, Pearson Television, BMG, Phonogram, Discovery Channel, Paramount, Living TV, Flextech, TVam.

On a more personal note, I live in North London but am an avid, if slightly beleaguered, fan of Blackburn Rovers and a slightly obsessed fan of The Fall group (if that is not an oxymoron!). I’m also committed photographer. See my Flickr and Instagram links for a few examples.

Music has always been one of my big passions too. I’m particularly interested in electronic music and regularly produce house mixes that you can listen to here.

You’re welcome to drop me a line here anytime.